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Kriste Aghsdga (Svan)


krist’e aghsdga mk'vdretit
sik’vdilita sik’vdilisa
damtrugunveli da saplavebis shinata
tskhovrebis mimnich’ebeli

Ts’mindao ghmerto (Svan)


tsmindai wo ghmer-i-er-to-i-a-a-aaa tsminda-i wo dzli-er-o-i-a-a-aaa tsmindai wo ukuda woi-a-a-aaa shegvidzta-i-a-len chven
repeat 3 times

Aralo (Mgzavruli)

Repeat verses as trio/full group

Aralo, orudila-dela, abadelia,
orudela aralo,
orudela deliavra-ni-na-ni-na

chemo mk’vlelo, chemo mts’velo
chemo akhlos mezobelo
aralo, orudela deliavra-ni-na-ni-na

shen rom ts’ets’khli momikide
mit’khar rogor davanelo
aralo, orudela deliavra-ni-na-ni-na

k’alo sheni t’et’ri kaba
tsqals mihk’onda mdinareso
aralo, orudela deliavra-ni-na-ni-na

netavi gamagebina
vin gakots’a mdzinareso
aralo, orudela deliavra-ni-na-ni-na

Ts’mindao ghmerto


Ts'mindao ghmerto
Ts'mindao dzliero
Ts'mindao uk'vdavo
Shegvits'qalen chven

Iavnana (Rachuli)


Iavnana, bat’onebo, vardo bat’onebo.

da t’k’bit, da t’k’bit,
da sho shin dit
vardo bat’onebo

იავნანა, ბატონებო, ვარდო ბოტონებო.
და ტკბით, და ტკბით
და შო შინ დით
ვარდო ბატონებო.


Zogi igeti kalia da
ma grad(e) maikhevevs tavsa - o
k’okh t’ad(e) gai vlis khalkshia - a
ai gheriebs tavsa - o
(Trio, starting under “tavsa - o”)
K’okh t’ad(e) gai vlis khalkshia - a
ai gheriebs



khokhbis qelivit lamazi, kali gadmodga mtazeda,
chemsk’en ighimis matsdurad,
bindi gadmek’ra tvalzeda

net’avi tu gqavs kamaria mart’o rad gishvebs tsqalzeda,


Arts qarma daindo,
arts tsvimam oboli
mostskvita totidan
patara potoli.

..verts nami ushvelis
verts tsis nateba
patara potoli
vighatsam gatela x2

tans shemoatsales
lamazi perangi



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